Media Practices Design, Project #1: Photo Collage


In constructing this photo collage, I started in Photoshop with this photo:


I duplicated it, cut out the dark silhouette and flipped it upside down, alligning it with the shoulders of the first silhouette. I then distorted and stretched the shape of the upside down silhouette to make it into more of a shadow shape. I then selected the shadow shape with the magnetic lasso tool and used it to cut out the shadow shape out of this image:


The lengthened and distorted shadow went beyond the horizontal limits of the original image, so I extended it using the rubber stamp feature. As I did this, the extended section ended up looking a bit like a charcoal drawing or a painting, so I decided to continue this effect on the entire picture. So I used the blur tool, the smudge tool, and the rubber stamp tool to achieve this.


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