April, Come She Will: Final Cut

Here is the final edit of my film–content/structure-wise, it’s pretty similar to the cut I posted a few days ago, but I went back and changed out a few of the still images for video or sort of stop-action-y stuff to try to keep the flow moving. I also went back and worked with matching the video against the music much more meticulously, since, as Virgil pointed out last week in class, if you take the risk of doing a movie where the music is so central, it can easily detract from the imagery, which I didn’t want to do.

In terms of ‘plot’, I would say my aim was more aimed at evoking an emotional, impressionistic sort of sense of the trajectory of a relationship. I sort of wanted it to be a little impressionistic so the images could speak for themselves and people could interpret the overall impression as they wished. As I said, to me this was the story of the arc of a romantic relationship, but in previewing the video to some people I know, one person asked me if it was about the death of someone beloved, and I thought that was an interesting understanding of it too, and not one totally foreign to my original intent–after all, the end of a relationship can be a death of sorts. From beginning to end I wanted to use imagery that evoked an intimate, homey feeling and also mirrored a shifting relationship, rather than just have all the images be of her. I wanted to play with and explore the qualities of memory, how some memories can be more fragmentary, others more fluid, some more precise, others a little out of focus, some more like snapshots in time, others more extended, etc.

Being a perfectionist, I’ve been kind of hung up with little places where my camera work shakes and things, but ultimately on some level I think that works in that it gives some of the footage the feel of a home movie which enhances the feeling I was trying to achieve that the person through whose eyes we are seeing these images is, with the girl, the other member of that relationship. A while back, I had referenced as an example of what I was going for the scene in the movie “Once” where Glen Hansard’s character watches old home movies of he and his ex girlfriend (who he is still in love with) on his computer while playing and singing the song “Lies” (here is a really low quality clip of the scene I’m talking about with annoying subtitles–sorry, it was the only one I could find online). In that example, the footage is much more heavily focused on the person (his ex-girlfriend) but the feeling is sort of what I was after. I know there are other good examples in movies I’ve seen, I just can’t seem to remember any others at the moment.

Anyway, despite much frustration in the process, most of it technology-related, I’m pretty pleased with the final result. I hope you enjoy!

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