Stalker Story Soundscape

Here is the soundtrack I created to go with my story from the last class. It was a little challenging because my story is so impressionistic and internalized, so I basically chose to create a soundscape as the protagonist would hear it as he walks alone around the city and follows the woman he is obsessed with. To that end, I tried to weave the sound of footsteps throughout all of the “real world” portions, as this man walks through different sonic environments–the street, the subway, a cafe, etc. Unfortunately, my extreme lack of technical expertise means that the footsteps sound a bit more like a record player that has reached the end than footsteps. 

To me, the most successful portion, the portion I am happiest with, is the middle section  which represents the daydream portion, the portion in which he recedes into his mind and creates a life and a back story for himself and the woman he is stalking. I wanted this part, in contrast to the barren, industrial soundscape of the real life portions, so I chose to use a short piece of music to foreground sounds that evoked happiness, home, and intimacy–laughter, a door creaking open and shutting, ice cubes tinkling in a glass, and a brief excerpt of a classic movie (The Way We Were). Though as a whole I was frustrated by the way that my lack of technical knowledge inhibited my ability to create the soundscape as I had it in my mind, I was fairly pleased with the way this portion turned out, though of course it, too, could have been much better.

Here is the full soundscape:

Story Soundscape

Here is the daydream portion only:

Soundscape Excerpt

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